A final message and admonition from The Lord of the Universe to all of the worlds


"Glory to thy Lord, the Lord of Honour and Power! (He is free) from what they ascribe (to Him)! And Peace on the apostles! And Praise to Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of the Worlds. - Qur’an English Translation [37:180-182]

"This is no less than a Message to (all) the worlds." - Qur’an English Translation [38:87]


"Verily this is an Admonition: therefore, whoso will, let him take a (straight) path to his Lord!" - Qur’an English Translation [73:19]


The Qur’an is the Final Message to mankind on how to maximize one’s life experience on Earth so that upon Judgment Day one may be rewarded entrance into paradise (heaven). The Qur’an also describes to mankind how to live a righteous life in order to avoid eternal damnation in hell.


So how should one view the Qur’an and its Author, God. The following verses briefly describe God, His Message, and how we as human beings should approach every day life in order to gain knowledge and wisdom of the things in our world both visible and unseen.


"Your Guardian-Lord is Allah (God), Who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is firmly established on the throne (of authority): He draweth the night as a veil o'er the day, each seeking the other in rapid succession: He created the sun, the moon, and the stars, (all) governed by laws under His command. Is it not His to create and to govern? Blessed be Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds!" - Qur’an English Translation [7:54]  


The Qur’an instructs the reader to engage in mental reflection and contemplation and to use our faculties of understanding in order to come to grips with the truth of our existence:


"Do they not reflect in their own minds? Not but for just ends and for a term appointed, did Allah create the heavens and the earth, and all between them: yet are there truly many among men who deny the meeting with their Lord (at the Resurrection)!" - Qur’an English Translation [30:8]


"Say: "It is He Who has created you (and made you grow), and made for you the faculties of hearing, seeing, feeling and understanding: little thanks it is ye give." - Qur’an English Translation [67:23]


"Have We not made for him a pair of eyes? - And a tongue, and a pair of lips?- And shown him the two highways?" – Qur’an English Translation [90:9-10]


However, those people whom are arrogant in light of God's message will not receive the same knowledge and guidance as those whom are humble, sincere, and eager to gain understanding:


"Those who behave arrogantly on the earth in defiance of right - them will I turn away from My signs: Even if they see all the signs, they will not believe in them; and if they see the way of right conduct, they will not adopt it as the way; but if they see the way of error, that is the way they will adopt. For they have rejected our signs, and failed to take warning from them. Those who reject Our signs and the meeting in the Hereafter,- vain are their deeds: Can they expect to be rewarded except as they have wrought?" - Qur’an English Translation [7:146-147]


"Those who believe not in the Signs of Allah,- Allah will not guide them, and theirs will be a grievous Penalty." - Qur’an English Translation [16:104]

"This because they love the life of this world better than the Hereafter: and Allah will not guide those who reject Faith. Those are they whose hearts, ears, and eyes Allah (God) has sealed up, and they take no heed. Without doubt, in the Hereafter they will perish." - Qur’an English Translation [16:107-109]

Prophet Jesus in the Bible also understood this concept of the sincere individual gaining understanding and guidance:


"To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given, and they will have an abundance of knowledge. But for those who are not listening, even what little understanding they have will be taken away from them. That is why I use these parables, For they look, but they don’t really see. They hear, but they don’t really listen or understand. - New Testament (Matthew 13:12-13)

God utilizes his Prophets & Messengers to set forth parables that serve as admonitions and great sources of knowledge if correctly understood through right guidance.


"We have put forth for men, in this Qur'an every kind of Parable, in order that they may receive admonition. (It is) a Qur'an in Arabic, without any crookedness (therein): in order that they may guard against Evil. Allah puts forth a Parable a man belonging to many partners at variance with each other, and a man belonging entirely to one master: are those two equal in comparison? Praise be to Allah. but most of them have no knowledge." - Qur’an English Translation [39:27-29]


Often people follow their own passions and lusts to a detriment, further straying from the straight path of understanding and guidance.


"Hast thou seen him who chooseth for his god his own lust? Wouldst thou then be guardian over him? Or deemest thou that most of them hear or understand? They are but as the cattle - nay, but they are farther astray?" - Qur’an English Translation [25:43-44]


"But if they hearken not to thee, know that they only follow their own lusts: and who is more astray than one who follow his own lusts, devoid of guidance from Allah. for Allah guides not people given to wrong-doing." - Qur’an English Translation [28:50]

"And among them are men who listen to thee, but in the end, when they go out from thee, they say to those who have received Knowledge, "What is it he said just then?" Such are men whose hearts Allah has sealed, and who follow their own lusts. But to those who receive Guidance, He increases the (light of) Guidance, and bestows on them their Piety and Restraint (from evil)." - Qur’an English Translation [47:16-17]

"Verily Allah knows (all) the hidden things of the heavens and the earth: verily He has full knowledge of all that is in (men's) hearts. He it is That has made you inheritors in the earth: if, then, any do reject (Allah), their rejection (works) against themselves: their rejection but adds to the odium for the Unbelievers in the sight of their Lord: their rejection but adds to (their own) undoing." - Qur’an English Translation [35:38-39]

"That He may make the suggestions thrown in by Satan, but a trial for those in whose hearts is a disease and who are hardened of heart: verily the wrong-doers are in a schism far (from the Truth): And that those on whom knowledge has been bestowed may learn that the (Qur'an) is the Truth from thy Lord, and that they may believe therein, and their hearts may be made humbly (open) to it: for verily Allah is the Guide of those who believe, to the Straight Way. Those who reject Faith will not cease to be in doubt concerning (Revelation) until the Hour (of Judgment) comes suddenly upon them, or there comes to them the Penalty of a Day of Disaster." - Qur’an English Translation [22:53-55]

"A Book, whereof the verses are explained in detail;- a Qur'an in Arabic, for people who understand;- Giving good news and admonition: yet most of them turn away, and so they hear not. They say: "Our hearts are under veils, (concealed) from that to which thou dost invite us, and in our ears in a deafness, and between us and thee is a screen: so do thou (what thou wilt); for us, we shall do (what we will!)." " - Qur’an English Translation [41:3-5] 

"O mankind! there hath come to you a direction from your Lord and a healing for the (diseases) in your hearts,- and for those who believe, a guidance and a Mercy." - Qur’an English Translation [10:57]


The Qur’an is the Final Revelation from God to mankind clearing up all of the confusion surrounding many topics found in the Earlier Revelations in which have become corrupted by man. However, the Qur’an does recognize that the Torah was given to Moses, the Psalms to David, and the Gospel to Jesus. Although there are many Christians and Jews today whom are misguided there are also some whom are on the right path:


"If only they had stood fast by the Law, the Gospel, and all the revelation that was sent to them from their Lord, they would have enjoyed happiness from every side. There is from among them a party on the right course: but many of them follow a course that is evil. O Messenger. proclaim the (message) which hath been sent to thee from thy Lord. If thou didst not, thou wouldst not have fulfilled and proclaimed His mission. And Allah will defend thee from men (who mean mischief). For Allah guideth not those who reject Faith.

Say: "O People of the Book! ye have no ground to stand upon unless ye stand fast by the Law, the Gospel, and ALL the revelation that has come to you from your Lord." It is the revelation that cometh to thee from thy Lord, that increaseth in most of them their obstinate rebellion and blasphemy. But sorrow thou not over (these) people without Faith. Those who believe (in the Qur'an), those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Sabians and the Christians,- any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness,- on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve." - Qur’an English Translation [5:66-69]


However, God encourages those whom receive revelation to use their commonsense and intellect to discern the truth in scripture. If one rejects the clear message of God after clear signs have been shown than a grievous penalty awaits such an arrogant and heedless individual:


"For those who reject their Lord (and Cherisher) is the Penalty of Hell: and evil is (such), Destination. When they are cast therein, they will hear the (terrible) drawing in of its breath even as it blazes forth, Almost bursting with fury: Every time a Group is cast therein, its Keepers will ask, "Did no Warner come to you?" They will say: "Yes indeed; a Warner did come to us, but we rejected him and said, '(Allah) never sent down any (Message): ye are nothing but an egregious delusion!'"

They will further say: "Had we but listened or used our intelligence, we should not (now) be among the Companions of the Blazing Fire!" They will then confess their sins: but far will be (Forgiveness) from the Companions of the Blazing Fire! As for those who fear their Lord unseen, for them is Forgiveness and a great Reward." - Qur’an English Translation [67:6-12]


According to the Bible, Prophet Jesus too understood that only God was worthy of real fear and love, for only God will be the final Judge of our fate:


“Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body in hell. - New Testament (Matthew 10:28)

Likewise, to join partners or other gods with The Almighty is the most offensive sin one can commit against God. Prophet Jesus understood this, that's why he warned "fear only God."

Allah (God) forgiveth not (The sin of) joining other gods with Him; but He forgiveth whom He pleaseth other sins than this: one who joins other gods with Allah, Hath strayed far, far away (from the right).
- Qur’an English Translation [4:116


What does God warn about those whom wait to the last minute to find faith?


"They say: "When will this decision be, if ye are telling the truth?" Say: "On the Day of Decision, no profit will it be to Unbelievers if they (then) believe! nor will they be granted a respite." So turn away from them, and wait: they too are waiting." - Qur’an English Translation [32:28-30] 


"Say: "The Angel of Death, put in charge of you, will (duly) take your souls: then shall ye be brought back to your Lord." If only thou couldst see when the guilty ones will bend low their heads before their Lord, (saying:) "Our Lord! We have seen and we have heard: Now then send us back (to the world): we will work righteousness: for we do indeed (now) believe." - Qur’an English Translation [32:11-12]

"Nay! When the earth is pounded to powder, And thy Lord cometh, and His angels, rank upon rank,  And Hell, that Day, is brought (face to face),- on that Day will man remember, but how will that remembrance profit him? He will say: "Ah! Would that I had sent forth (good deeds) for (this) my (Future) Life!" For, that Day, His Chastisement will be such as none (else) can inflict, And His bonds will be such as none (other) can bind. (To the righteous soul will be said:) "O (thou) soul, in (complete) rest and satisfaction! "Come back thou to thy Lord,- well pleased (thyself), and well-pleasing unto Him! "Enter thou, then, among My devotees! "Yea, enter thou My Heaven!" – Qur’an English Translation [89:21-30]

"for when they are told, 'Come unto that which God has bestowed from on high, and unto the Apostle' - they answer, 'Enough for us is that which we found our forefathers believing in and doing.' Why, even though their forefathers knew nothing, and were devoid of all guidance?" – Qur’an English Translation [5:104]



What about the people whom never received the message?


God informs us in the Qur'an that every nation received a messenger with the same admonition instructing man to follow pure monotheism (i.e. Islam):


"For We assuredly sent amongst every People an apostle, (with the Command), "Serve Allah, and eschew Evil": of the People were some whom Allah guided, and some on whom error became inevitably (established). So travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those who denied (the Truth)." – Qur’an English Translation [16:36]


"To every people (was sent) an apostle: when their apostle comes (before them), the matter will be judged between them with justice, and they will not be wronged." – Qur’an English Translation [10:47]


For more on other nations throughout history receiving the message of monotheism:



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